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Summary of the Newtown Township 2022 Budget Presentation: Staffing Increase, Spending Increase, Tax Increase!

Summary of the Newtown Township 2022 Budget Presentation: Staffing Increase, Spending Increase, Tax Increase! | Newtown News of Interest |

[Image: "Sorry! I can't show you the actual draft budget," said John Mack. The public won't be able to see the budget until AFTER the election in the second week of November or later.]


On October 18, 2021, Newtown Township Manager, Micah Lewis, presented his DRAFT 2022 budget to the Board of Supervisors (BOS). This was a public in-person meeting attended by all the department heads, Fire Chief, and Police Chief.

Mr. Lewis's presentation summarized the major budget items. The unedited presentation is embedded at the end of this post. You can download the PDF version here. View the 1.5 hour video archive of the meeting.

The Supervisors were able to ask questions as well as the public although there were only a handful of residents in attendance. 

Some 2022 Budget Highlights

  • Total revenues: $13,193,088 (vs $12,722,257 in the 2021 budget; there is an estimated fund balance forward amount of $2,995,785, for a projected total of $16,188,873 available in 2022); Total expenditures: $14,554,818 (vs $13,811,834 in the 2021 budget); Net fund balance: $1,634,055 (11% of expenditures vs 20% projected for 2021)
  • Addition of one full time Police Officer; Addition of one full time Deputy Fire Chief (see "A Growing Township Staff").
  • Purchase of a new Fire Chief’s Vehicle and three police patrol vehicles. Financed purchase of two public works utility vehicles, and one Parks and Recreation pickup truck. 
  • Police Department Facilities Study to assess current and future building needs (see "Police Department Facilities Study"). 
  • 3.11 miles of road work expected, not including additional alternates (see "Road Repairs").
  • Tax increase of 1.5 mills proposed in the Fire Protection Fund.


More, including videos of township officials answering my questions....

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