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Upper Makefield Township Publishes Preliminary 2022 Budget: Millage Rate Dips to 7.25 Mills!

Upper Makefield Township Publishes Preliminary 2022 Budget: Millage Rate Dips to 7.25 Mills! | Newtown News of Interest |

Since 2011, Upper Makefield Township’s real estate tax has been reduced from a high of 13.3525 mils to the proposed 2022 level of 7.25 mils


Meanwhile, Newtown Township increased its real estate tax by 3.99 mills in 2021 Budget for a total of 8.49 mills


The 2022 Preliminary Budget is available now for public review and slated for consideration of adoption at the Board of Supervisors Public Meeting on October 19, 2021. As presented, the proposed budget reduces taxes next year by 0.3525 mils.


The Township is on course to repay all debt, including a voter-approved Open Space bond, by 2025. In addition, a five-year Capital Improvement Plan is funded for Administration/Facilities, Police, and Public Works improvements. The 2022 Preliminary Budget includes a General Fund transfer of $350,000 to the Capital Fund.


More 2022 Budget Highlights


  • The General Fund retains a comfortable fund balance.
  • 2022 Road Improvement Program allocation of $580,00 for improvements to 10 Township roads.
  • Funding for one additional full-time police officer.


The Preliminary Budget is available for review at the Township office and online.


Meanwhile, the 2022 Newtown preliminary budget probably won't be available to the public until near the end of November.  The Newtown supervisors voted to "hang' the 2021 preliminary budget on November 25, 2021. In effect, the public did not get a chance to actually download that budget until after Thanksgiving!


Meet Mack Monday to Discuss the Newtown Twp 2022 Budget


If you want to get a heads up on the 2022 Newtown Township budget, please consider attending the October 18, 2021, Meet Mack Monday Zoom Meeting: The 2022 Newtown Twp Budget. More information and registration form can be found here.

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