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How NAACP Works With Bensalem Police to Deal With Complaints

How NAACP Works With Bensalem Police to Deal With Complaints | Newtown News of Interest |

During a Constitution Day discussion at Bucks County Community College’s Epstein Campus at Lower Bucks in Bristol Township last Friday [September 16, 2021], representatives from law enforcement and the Bucks County National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) discussed their collaboration.


The Bucks County NAACP has been meeting with county police chiefs in recent weeks to talk about building better relationships between the officers and residents.


Bensalem Township Public Safety Director Fred Harran and Bucks County NAACP President Karen Downer explained how their two organizations work together.


Residents who want to make a complaint about police don’t have to make it directly to the department, which some people may find discouraging. They instead can make their complaint to a community leader or religious leader in their community, who then brings it to the police department, Harran and Downer explained.


The leader of Bucks County’s largest police department said his agency investigates complaints and brings in the NAACP to review them, as well.


“We’ve got nothing to hide,” Harran said.


Downer said a look at the evidence helps the group determine if the Bucks County NAACP is able to help the complaint take their dispute further.

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Citizens also may file complaints directly via Bucks County NAACP’s Complaint Form: This applies to complaints against any police department in Bucks County.


Another Bensalem innovation in police community relations: Members of the Bucks County NAACP and other community members sit in on oral boards as the department looks to hire new officers to get feedback.


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