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Race and Discipline in Bucks County Schools

Race and Discipline in Bucks County Schools | Newtown News of Interest |

Do schools officials treat students of color differently? Data, especially surrounding school discipline, suggests some students are treated differently in local schools, and that could be purposeful or unconscious bias.


The nonprofit Center for Public Integrity joined with the USA Today Network to analyze more than 230,000 cases in which law enforcement was called upon to handle a student. Researchers used the most recent data available from the U.S. Department of Education and found that the consequences of school policing disproportionately fall on students with disabilities and Black children.


Consider just a few of the numbers:


  • Pennsbury School District is 6% Black. Yet 19% of out-of-school suspensions were Black students, according to records from the 2017 school year, the latest figures available.
  • In the New Hope-Solebury School District, Hispanics account for less than 6% of students, records show. Yet one in four students who received an out-of-school suspension in the 2017-18 school year was Hispanic. Of three cases involving police, two were Hispanic students.
  • In Bensalem, Black students account for 12% of the student body and 27% of out-of-school suspensions.
  • In the Quakertown Area School District, 10% of cases referred to police were Black students, though Black students make up just 2% of the students.



johnmacknewtown's insight:

School districts across the country began to look at how race was taught in their curriculums, as well as diversity efforts in their schools.


In Pennsbury, for instance, parents have bashed the district's equity and diversity plan as an attempt to force critical race theory into the curriculum. In Pennridge, the school board halted its diversity plan under pressure from parents.


Read “Bucks NAACP, ADL Philadelphia Condemn Pennridge's Halt in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Efforts”;


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