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FBI Reports That Hate Crimes Spiked In PA In 2020

FBI Reports That Hate Crimes Spiked In PA In 2020 | Newtown News of Interest |

In Pennsylvania, 734 of 1,540 law enforcement agencies reported a total of 81 hate crimes. Among the reported incidents, 59 were race, ethnicity or ancestry related.


The number of reported hate crimes in our state increased last year compared with 2019, when 45 hate crimes were reported.


Here's a look at what 2020 data revealed about why victims of hate crimes were targeted in Pennsylvania:


  • Race/ethnicity/ancestry: 59
  • Religion: 13
  • Sexual orientation: 4
  • Multiple biases: 3
  • Gender identity: 2


Most Prevalent Bias Type:


  • Anti-Black or African American: 29
  • Anti-other race, ethnicity or ancestry: 13
  • Anti-Jewish: 11
  • Anti-Asian: 8
  • Anti-White: 4
  • Others: 16


See the full 2020 data report for Pennsylvania;


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