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Bucks County Planning Commission Surveys Business Owners as Many Face Hiring Woes

Bucks County Planning Commission Surveys Business Owners as Many Face Hiring Woes | Newtown News of Interest |

Businesses of all kinds and sizes need workers in Bucks County. — there's no question about that. But, county officials want to know why, and what resources and services can help fill jobs and spur the economy.


A Bucks County Planning Commission survey now available will help provide answers, officials said. It will also help shape the county's future as it is part of a larger project.


Officials are urging business owners to fill out a survey that the Bucks County Planning Commission has prepared for its "Bucks 2040: Building Our Future, Together" comprehensive plan.


President and CEO of the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce Vail Garvin said the employee shortage is taking its toll. "Every lunch, breakfast, dinner that I have with CEOs in Bucks County — every one is having difficulty hiring employees to run at peak performance — bar none," she said.


But, Garvin isn't sure whether the worker shortages are the result of the pandemic or if there are other factors also involved. There are lots of theories, but she thinks the county survey can provide answers, and hopefully lead to solutions.


Questions about workers returning to their jobs following pandemic business slowdowns are among those in the survey.


The survey also asks a variety of general questions about the number of employees and how important services such as public transportation and roads are to a business, as well as how the business is faring overall since the COVID pandemic struck.


It also asks more specific questions as to how important schools and tourism are to attracting employees and whether the business expects more employees to want to continue working from home, if they have done so during the pandemic.


The planning commission notes that the plan update is intended "to provide fresh guidance to the county's boroughs and townships on the best ways to use and develop land, improve infrastructure and boost economic opportunities."


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