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More Bucks County Police Departments Deliver Addiction Help Via The "Supporting Treatment and Recovery Program" (STAR) Program

More Bucks County Police Departments Deliver Addiction Help Via The "Supporting Treatment and Recovery Program" (STAR) Program | Newtown News of Interest |

[Image: Plumstead Police Chief David Mettin* started STAR in January 2021.]


It's not often police officers get letters thanking them after responding to a call.


But, when that call leads to a path to sobriety — and the chance of a better future — the letter that arrived for a Solebury officer after an April call was very much welcomed. The officer made sure the man who was struggling with substance abuse got the information he needed for help.


The letter — which highlighted the man's one month of sober living — wasn't just a nice note, but a sign that a new initiative in Central Bucks is having an impact.


“It worked out real well," Solebury Chief Dominick Belizzie said.


Solebury is one of six Central Bucks police departments that participate in "Supporting Treatment and Recovery Program," or STAR, that launched at the beginning of the year [by Plumstead Police Chief David Mettin].


Under the program, which is headed by Plumstead police, officers responding to calls related to substance abuse, which include overdose calls, domestic violence or DUI incidents, will provide a consent form to those suffering from addiction or substance abuse problems.


The form is then sent to Aldie Counseling Center in Doylestown, and staff from there will contact the person within 24 hours to see how they can help.


Plumstead Chief David Mettin said in the first few months the service was offered to 87 people, however only 45 people agreed to pass their information along. From those 45, about 14 were assessed for treatment from Aldie Counseling. “I’m happy that we’ve had 14 people get help that otherwise wouldn’t have gotten help," Mettin said.


Central Bucks Regional Police, Doylestown Township Police, Buckingham Police and New Hope Police also are all involved in the program. Central Bucks covers Chalfont, Doylestown Borough and New Britain Borough. Solebury and New Hope are new additions, with Solebury joining in January and New Hope following suit in April.


The program, funded by Bucks County, is a pilot program that will last for two years.

johnmacknewtown's insight:

 *Plumstead Police Chief David Mettin was one of the front runner applicants for Newtown Chief of Police back in 2019 when he was Pennridge Regional Police Chief. Mettin’s position on drug addiction made an impression on me. He also did not believe that marijuana was a “gateway” drug leading to opioid addiction. In fact, opioids provided by physicians are a major factor in drug abuse.


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