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Residents Slam Plan for Super Wawa in Holland!

Residents Slam Plan for Super Wawa in Holland! | Newtown News of Interest |

[At its June 23, 2021, meeting, Northampton Township supervisors got a preview of what’s to come at its July 7 meeting when the plan comes up for approval.]


More than 60 residents packed into the meeting room holding up signs opposing the proposed Wawa. They raised issue with the plans over traffic, noise, light pollution, safety, housing values, crime and the affects of benzene on the public’s health.


“We need something there that won’t negatively impact our lives,” said Charles Chak, who lives about two blocks from the site. “This is going to change our neighborhood,” he said, raising additional concerns about a loss in property values. “It’s going to devalue our properties. And that money is important to me in retirement. We don’t need that Wawa in our neighborhood. There’s a Wawa every mile. We don’t need it.”


Hope Road resident Pam Duffy implored the supervisors to negotiate. “The zoning has clearly failed us. Negotiate with them. Go to Provco. Ask them to move that away from the houses. You’re going to kill us. Please negotiate. It’s not a done deal. Maybe Wawa will walk away.”


Resident Tom Bucher suggested the township acquire the Wright property through eminent domaine and use the site for a roundabout to better improve traffic conditions in Holland. “Using the property this way alleviates the congestion of the ‘Y’ intersection to the south and uses it in a way that fits the community and keeps it beautiful in look and feel.”


“The area cannot handle the traffic volume that a Super Wawa creates,” said Jerry Duffy. “That’s the problem with putting this kind of immense commercial business in a residential area. It’s a triangular area. Two-thirds of it is bordered by residential.”


“Over the next few weeks you’re going to make probably the most important decision in your tenure,” Hope Road resident Jay Bowen told the supervisors. “I implore you to look at all the facts. If you do that I think you will see that this is not the location that is best suited for this community ... Keep an open mind. Take it all in and what was said here today. Listen to your heart and I think at the end of the day you will make the right decision.”


Opponents have also launched an online petition drive against the proposal. As of June 24, 2,356 people had signed the Stop Holland Super Wawa Petition on



johnmacknewtown's insight:

I can’t believe that Wawa proposes 16 gas pumps on a 2.37 acre site in Holland whereas the Newtown Township zoning only allows 12 per 5.0 acres! Hope Road resident Pam Duffy said it all: “The zoning has clearly failed us.”


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