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The Future of Newtown Township's Paid Fire Services

The Future of Newtown Township's Paid Fire Services | Newtown News of Interest |

On April 1, 2021, I attended a Zoom meeting hosted by the Bucks County Consortium. At that meeting Evan Stone, Executive Director of the Bucks County Planning Commission (BCPC), made a presentation titled “The Future of Bucks County Fire Service.”


This post focuses on applying the takeaways from that presentation to Newtown Township. Focusing on:


  • Newtown's Paid Fire Department
  • How Much Does It Cost to Run a Full-Time Fire Department?
  • Where Will the Money Come From?



johnmacknewtown's insight:

Only 1 out 56 calls (2%) made by NESD in January, 2021, involved a fire; 70% involved rescue and EMS (read "January 2021 Newtown Fire & Emergency Services Incident Report"). According to BCPC, in 2018 there were 20,640 incidents, only 10% were actual fires.


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