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Wawa “Gotta” Be Everywhere in Bucks County, Especially in the Newtown Area!

Wawa “Gotta” Be Everywhere in Bucks County, Especially in the Newtown Area! | Newtown News of Interest |

[See map above for planned Wawa’s in the Newtown area. Not included is the Wawa planned for Newtown itself!]


"Did you see that new Wawa?"


Expect to hear that a lot this year as the convenience store and gas station chain, which originally started off as an iron foundry, expands to nearly ever comer of Bucks County.


Plans have been submitted at the local and county levels for new locations and for expansions of current stores.


Last week, a new Wawa opened on South Main street in Doylestown Borough, replacing a smaller Wawa location just up the street


And, in Falls, plans were submitted to add a drive-through window and "outdoor ordering kiosks" to a future Wawa at Arleans Avenue and Lincoln Highway.


On March 17, plans were submitted for a Super Wawa on the Newtown Bypass at Silver Lake Road in Newtown Township.*


But, when Wawa moves in, or plans to, its not always welcomed by the community

it looks to serve. Since January, a handfuI of residents bas been lobbying against plans for a Wawa on Holland Road in Northampton.


For three years, Wawa bas been in court over plans for a location at Swamp and Ferry roads in Plumstead.


"Beyond adding new stores in 2021, Wawa has exciting future plans that provide our communities with more convenience than ever before," said Stephanie Capaccio, director of people team operations.


Wawa locations opened in October in Lower Southampton and in January in Falls.


johnmacknewtown's insight:


* A little history of Wawa in Newtown - "A Wawa in the Park":

Silver Lake Park at the intersection of the Bypass and Lindenhurst Rd achieved fame in May 2017 when a certain Supervisor suggested it as a potential site for Wawa (read "Idea To Bring Wawa To Newtown" Two supervisors attempted to pursue this at the time after talking to an owner of an athletic club who was also approached by Wawa to build on property he had a stake in another property on the Bypass. All this happened before I was elected a supervisor in November 2017.


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