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Council Rock School Board Goes With CDC, Science-based Guidelines & Rejects Bucks County’s “Modified Quarantine” Scheme

Council Rock School Board Goes With CDC, Science-based Guidelines & Rejects Bucks County’s “Modified Quarantine” Scheme | Newtown News of Interest |

The Council Rock School Board, during a nearly five-hour meeting on Sept 10, 2020, finalized the rules students exposed to the coronavirus must follow for quarantining once school restarts for in-person learning later this month.


At issue was if the district will opt for the Bucks County-endorsed "modified quarantine" plan, or the rules put forth by the Centers for Disease Control when a student is exposed to an infected person.


The Bucks County Health Department has recommended a "modified quarantine" process for local students who were exposed to the virus but are asymptomatic. Under a modified quarantine, the exposed person must wear a mask at all times and social distance as appropriate, but can attend necessary obligations such as school or work.


Ultimately, the board determined it will proceed immediately with the CDC guidelines, with an intention to revisit the issue on Oct. 22.


"The bulk of our staff absolutely wants to see the CDC version," Superintendent Robert Fraser said at the meeting. "They don't want to modified quarantine version. I think they are very scared of having a student who has been directly exposed right there in class."

johnmacknewtown's insight:

From a FB post by residents before the meeting:


CRSD friends, our school board is voting tomorrow to decide whether to follow CDC quarantine guidelines, or the "modified quarantine" proposed by Dr. Damsker, which could euphemistically be described as an interesting application of available science.


In sum, you have all professed a desire to return to normal school as soon as practical. Every parent and child wants that too. Risking that, by supporting a scheme that has nothing more than speculative and anecdotal support, would be massive malpractice.

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