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Lower Makefield Supervisors Vote to Allow Wegmans Development to Avoid Lawsuit & Cite Possible Warehouse as Worse Alternative, As If...

Lower Makefield Supervisors Vote to Allow Wegmans Development to Avoid Lawsuit & Cite Possible Warehouse as Worse Alternative, As If... | Newtown News of Interest |

Supervisors in Lower Makefield on Monday approved a plan that marks the first major step toward a 32-acre development, including a Wegmans grocery store, being built on Stony Hill Road.


At the end of a nearly five-and-a-half-hour meeting, the board voted 4-1 to approve a general overlay plan required for the mixed use development to be built.


"We appreciate the time and thorough review put forth by the board of supervisors to approve the mixed-use overlay ordinance for the proposed Prickett Preserve at Edgewood development," said Vince DeLuca, president of DeLuca Homes. "This will allow for a walkable village that promotes a healthy-living environment and reduces overall traffic by eliminating the need for residents to use vehicles to reach various destinations. It will also create new opportunities for grocery, retail and public spaces, while generating more tax revenues for the Lower Makefield Township community and school district."


Developers say Prickett Preserve at Edgewood would be a "live, work, play" community across from Shady Brook Farm, which is a popular destination for visitors.


Wegmans would be an anchor tenant, with additional plans for more retail space and upscale apartments. Plans would preserve an on-site historic house and barn that dates back to the 1700s. The plans include six additional retail buildings and nine residential buildings and a clubhouse.


Supervisors heard Monday from residents who organized to oppose the development, many citing traffic concerns, as well as concerns about residents taxing Lower Makefield's resources and hurting Shady Brook Farm nearby.


During the discussion, supervisors repeatedly mentioned the possibility, floated by developers, that the property, as now zoned, could be used for warehouse space. They said that, even with some concerns, a mixed-use development would be better than that.


They also noted the possibility that a lawsuit will be filed, further trying to stop the development.


While they have approved the required general overlay, developers will have to return to supervisors for approval of a specific site plan before building can begin.

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