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Restaurants Reopening for Outdoor Dining: Closing Streets and Opening Sidewalks to Create al fresco Dining Rooms

Restaurants Reopening for Outdoor Dining: Closing Streets and Opening Sidewalks to Create al fresco Dining Rooms | Newtown News of Interest |

In the historic downtown district of Warrenton, Virginia, last weekend, American flags floated on a balmy breeze above outdoor tables spilling out onto the sidewalk and into the street.

Restaurants in this part of the state were allowed to reopen outdoor dining Friday. With a rooftop deck it could fill only halfway, Denim & Pearl Restaurant got the city’s blessing to take the indoors out. Antsy to get out of the house after weeks of self-isolation, diners lined up to grab a bite on the makeshift patio.

“It was a crazy busy weekend,” Denim & Pearl owner Jenn Robinson told USA TODAY. “Just on Saturday, we did in sales what we had done the entire previous week just with curbside and delivery.”

As the U.S. reopens and summer approaches, cities from Tampa, Florida, to Las Vegas to Portland, Maine, are opening sidewalks and closing streets to create large al fresco or plein air dining rooms. They hope this nod to the bustling cafe culture of Paris and Rome will help Americans feel comfortable eating out again and help restaurants begin to recover from staggering losses.

johnmacknewtown's insight:

During the May 13, 2020, Newtown Board of Supervisors meeting via Zoom, Supervisor John Mack made a case for the Township to start thinking how it can help local businesses to re-open safely during the current and the next phases of COVID-19 restrictions. Several ideas were put forward such as outdoor dining, putting together an ad hoc business Task Force, etc. Listen to this podcast: “Getting Newtown Businesses Open Again”;


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