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Some PA Counties in "Red" Zone Plan to Encourage Businesses to Reopen in Defiance of Gov. Wolf's Mitigation Strategy. 

Some PA Counties in "Red" Zone Plan to Encourage Businesses to Reopen in Defiance of Gov. Wolf's Mitigation Strategy.  | Newtown News of Interest |

[The above was recently texted to a local Newtown Twp restaurant owner. Newtown Township.] 


Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf is pushing back against county leaders who are planning to reopen their local economies in defiance of the coronavirus mitigation measures the state put in place in mid-March to slow the spread of the disease.

At least seven Pennsylvania counties, growing impatient with the governor's coronavirus mitigation strategy, have said publicly they're moving independently to lift the restrictions in an effort to get residents back to work.

But Wolf, during a mid-morning press conference, had stern words for the local politicians seeking to buck his reopening strategy. He said the counties that do so will face consequences.

"To those politicians who decide to cave into this coronavirus, they need to understand the consequences of this cowardly act," Wolf said. He said counties encouraging businesses to open despite state orders "are engaging in behavior that is both selfish and unsafe."

Officials in Lebanon, Dauphin, and Beaver counties announced over the past few days they are planning to open back up whether Harrisburg says it's OK to do so or not. And leaders in Berks, Cumberland, Franklin, and Schuylkill counties are also contemplating reopening without the permission of the state, reported.

Wolf warned counties that reopen in defiance of the state's phased, color-coded plan will not be eligible for federal stimulus discretionary funds. Businesses that reopen before being permitted by the commonwealth will lose their business liability insurance.

And, he said, restaurants that reopen prematurely for dine-in service will be at risk of losing their liquor license.

johnmacknewtown's insight:

Businesses should follow the guidelines of the CDC and the state dept. of health. But many municipalities, including Newtown Township, do not have the resources to enforce the provisions of those recommendations. Residents can call the police dept  with complaints against businesses that they believe are putting the public at risk. However, the policy is that complaints will be received without the expectation of enforcement while assuring that the complaints are passed to the proper enforcement authority.



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