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Representative Perry Warren Urged to "Push Back" 37% BCWSA Rate Increase During COVID-19 Crisis

Representative Perry Warren Urged to "Push Back" 37% BCWSA Rate Increase During COVID-19 Crisis | Newtown News of Interest |

[BCWSA (Bucks County Water and Sewer Authority) is one of the largest water and sewer authorities in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania providing water and sewer services to more than 100,000 households, business accounts, and some 525,000 people in the southeastern Pennsylvania region.]


Linda on Nextdoor posted:

"I just received my sewage/water bill and it has increased by 37%. I called their office and they said yes the increase was because they are upgrading some things. This is outrageous and price gouging. Since we have no other choice to go elsewhere. I am paying just as much as my neighbors who have multiple people living in their house. So unfair. I contacted our local rep to ask why. I think you guys should do the same. Maybe if he gets enough complaints he will take action against them. Our rep is Perry Warren. If you Google him you can come up to his website and send him an email. Please do."

Kelly & Joan Curran, Langhorne Gardens...

I just emailed the following, hope something can be done�

Hi Mr. Warren,
I am concerned and quite upset to hear that our water sewer bill is increasing so drastically. As we know, this covid crisis is already having an alarming negative affect on job security, unemployment rates, decreases in retirement funds making retirement for those ready to do unreachable, as well as many other financial changes being made that has lead to incredible financial instability for most during this sad scary and difficult time; not to mention the emotional turmoil so many are experiencing considering worry, fear of getting ill, having loved ones hospitalized or even dying and not being able to grieve the way we're used to (surrounded by those that make up our support system), or be there with their family members when it's needed most. Mr. Perry at a time like this, is such an upgrade really needed for BCWSA that badly, and if so why can't more be done to offset the financial burden it is adding to for all who already are struggling so much to stay above water as it is with all that is going on around us. Please strongly consider pushing these upgrades back, the timing for them couldn't be more wrong, and if that is not possible than at least consider pushing the increase in rates on our people off until things are more settled so that is is not so very devastating for us all to have to absorb such an increase at an already unstable and catastrophic time. Thank you for your time and efforts,
Kelly Curran

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