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The Truth About "Flushable Wipes" – They Create Havoc with Our Sewer System!

The Truth About "Flushable Wipes" – They Create Havoc with Our Sewer System! | Newtown News of Interest |

Contrary to what Madison Avenue ad execs may proclaim regarding the modern marvel of “flushable wipes,” the idea of flushing these wipes is a terrible idea.

Flushable wipes have become enemy number one amongst sewerage authorities across the nation and beyond due to the fact that they can, and do, create sewer blockages that result in overflows. Since these “wonder wipes” don’t degrade the way that toilet paper does, they combine with fats, oil and grease that exist in the sewer system and can become giant blobs of immovable objects that create nasty overflows of raw sewage in the streets.

Not only do these wipes create havoc for a sewer authority, but they also can create blockages in your internal plumbing or in your yard. Repairs could be costly when you have to call the local plumber to clear a blockage in your home.

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