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Let's keep Newtown Township from becoming a 'Pottersville' - Guest Opinion of John Mack

Let's keep Newtown Township from becoming a 'Pottersville' - Guest Opinion of John Mack | Newtown News of Interest |

Growth, especially in Newtown, has boomed and developers continue to put pressure on the township to approve the construction of more homes, convenience stores and shopping centers. And by “pressure” I mean lawsuits and threats of lawsuits. Remember, lawsuits cost the township time and money. At some point — and that point may be now — there is just not enough space and infrastructure (roads, water and sewer services) for it all.

What will Newtown and the other “jointure” municipalities — Wrightstown and Upper Makefield townships — look like in 10 years? How much land will be preserved as open space? How will we protect our water and air from pollution?


I fear that Newtown will become a “Pottersville” (as in the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”) in the next ten years unless we have a plan in place that puts the brakes on overdevelopment in Newtown, which has been years in the making.



johnmacknewtown's insight:

On November 14, 2018, Dennis Fisher and John Mack said “No” to the developers of the Acadia Green high-density housing project and sent Newtown's solicitor to court to continue the fight to oppose overdevelopment and the disappearance of open space along Newtown Bypass. But much more needs to be done.


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