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Plans to Complete Newtown Rail Trail Bike/Run Path Depend on Impact Study Results

Plans to Complete Newtown Rail Trail Bike/Run Path Depend on Impact Study Results | Newtown News of Interest |

Only five more miles are needed to complete the 23-mile project.

If you’re a cyclist (and if you aren’t, why aren’t you?), the thought of having an uninterrupted 23-mile bike trail traversing scenic Bucks County is something you only dream about.

Until, possibly, now.

The much-chronicled Newtown Rail Trail project, which has been converting SEPTA’s old R8 Newtown/Fox Chase Rail Line into a multi-use passageway, needs about five more miles for completion.

To date, the one holdup has been the segment which runs through Northampton. Residents there expressed concerns about possible issues regarding traffic affecting their property.

However, the Northampton supervisors have given the OK for a study to investigate the impact the trail might have. If the study settles this debate, the trail segment could be completed within a timeframe of several years.

According to a group called the “Northampton Residents for the Newtown Rail Trail,″ the trail will be part of an eight-mile “Bucks County Park″ and an eight-mile extension of the 14-mile Pennypack Creek Trail. It will utilize land owned by SEPTA which has been unused since trains stopped running in 1983.

To say the project is worthwhile is an understatement.

Not only is it a great venue for exercise-enthusiasts, it also has a positive impact on the environment. People can get from one place to another without the use of their automobile — in New York City alone, the new Citi-bike program has reduced carbon emissions by thousands of tons.

This year, Upper Southampton Township will bring the trail up to Bristol Road. Middletown and Newtown have already approved a resolution of support for the trail. They are waiting on Northampton for the same resolution of support for the trail.

Wouldn’t it be cool to get on your bike in Newtown and be able to ride it all the way down to Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia?

It could happen someday.

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