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To Be Revealed: What Local Government Employees Earned in 2017

To Be Revealed: What Local Government Employees Earned in 2017 | Newtown News of Interest |

Court stenographers averaged $96,000. Some government administrators took home $200,000 last year.


Several water and sewer employees made a quarter of a million dollars in 2017.


They’re among the highest paid workers in Bucks and Montgomery counties, and you’re paying their salaries.


Who are these men and women? What kinds of jobs did they do for your tax money — more than $500 million in government expenses — last year?


This news organization [Bucks County Courier Times] filed more than 60 right-to-know requests, seeking the total wages paid to all full- and part-time government workers in 2017.


Most government agencies only released the numbers after consulting their attorneys. Some said they couldn’t tell us about worker paychecks; financial documents showing what government workers make just didn’t exist, some stated in legal documents.


Coming Friday, visit and to review the list of everyone who got government paychecks in 2017. See what they earned and what they did for your tax money.

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Newtown Township Employee Salaries & Wages

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