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Council Rock To Discipline Students Who Walk Out Wednesday

Council Rock To Discipline Students Who Walk Out Wednesday | Newtown News of Interest |

Council Rock students who walk out of school on Wednesday will now face "disciplinary consequences," the superintendent said in an email to the school community on Tuesday.


The sentiment seems to veer from earlier communication distributed by Superintendent Robert Fraser, who last month said in a letter to parents that Council Rock School District "respects the rights of our students to peacefully assemble, we will permit any student who wishes to participate in this organized event to do so."


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Fraser, in his most recent communication, said the district will accommodate students who wish to partake in a "non-political event" and invites students to engage in a "class walkout — not a school walkout."


The disciplinary consequences will align with grade span and the nature of infraction, said Fraser.


The change in attitude towards the event is driven by safety concerns, school officials say.

johnmacknewtown's insight:

Are they kidding! How is walking out in protest less safe than walking out to go home??? Council Rock should provide the same level of protection for the former as they do for the latter, IMHO!!!

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