Bucks County Residents Got a Chance to Test Drive Possible Voting Machines in Newtown | Newtown News of Interest | Scoop.it

Bucks County [held] a public demonstration of new voting machine options Monday night [at the Bucks County Community College campus in Newtown]. Voters [tried out] out the different machines, [talked] to the vendors and [gave] feedback to county officials who will make the decision.


This … demonstration [was] Bucks County’s third and final voting machine demo. County chief clerk Deanna Giorno [said it was] not only a good chance for voters to test drive the machines and ask vendors questions, but [it was] also a chance for county officials to ask voters what they think.


“What they’re looking for, what they like, what they don’t like, to help guide the decision on what machine Bucks County’s going to go with," Giorno said.


Giorno says they got great feedback in the first two demonstrations, and she hopes that continues.


And, she adds, once a final decision is made, they’ll have as many demonstrations of the new machines as possible to try to familiarize as many people as possible before the 2020 presidential primary.