At the April 12, 2023, #NewtownPA Board of Supervisors (BOS) meeting, Township Planner Michele Fountain of CKS Engineers reviewed the accepted bids to complete the Villas of Newtown land development - specifically modifications to the detention basin.

In an April 6, 2023, letter to the BOS, Ms. Fountain said: “Pursuant to our discussions with [the Township Manager], the Assistant Manager, and the Township Solicitor, and my meetings with the Villas Homeowners Association and the Bucks County Conservation District, our office prepared three different Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for the remaining work required to complete the improvements in both phases of the development."

Proposal 1 - Contract 3703-A, "Basin Drainage Modifications", includes the installation of underdrain in the bottom of the existing detention basin, outlet structure modifications, and erosion and sedimentation controls.

Proposal 2 - Contract 3703-B, "Basin Drain Pipe Installation", includes directional drilling an 8-in. HDPE pipe from the bottom of the basin, through the berm to an area near the existing outlet pipe.

Proposal 3 - Contract 3703-C, "Site Repairs & Replacements", includes pavement repair, concrete work, replacement of a handicap ramp, and line striping. Alternate/Add-ons were also bid to replace five trees.

TOTAL COST: $122,285.45