Strong Winds/Mini Tornado? Uproot Trees, Damage Roof At The Village At #NewtownPA | Newtown News of Interest |

A severe thunderstorm roared through parts of Bucks County Saturday evening knocking out power to thousands, uprooting trees and damaging buildings.


In Newtown Township, it may have spawned a small tornado as it whipped across the parking lot at the Village at Newtown Shopping Center and then tore off a section of the center’s decorative roof sending it crashing down onto a row of parked cars.


It was dinner time and Harvest Regional Grill was filled with diners when the storm rolled in. Behind the shopping center, just off of Ice Cream Alley, part of the shopping center’s decorative roofing was laying on top of multiple cars parked along back of the building. Many of the cars were owned by Harvest employees, according to a Harvest manager.


“It happened so fast. The storm rolled in and then it was out of here. We were just shocked to see what happened out back,” said the employee.


“You never know what life is going to throw at you,” the employee added. “It could have been so much worse. Someone could have been in one of those cars or worse yet it could have taken out the building and the restaurant.”