In Lower Makefield, despite hundreds of residents taking the time to come to meetings to express opposition to big box and apartment development plans — so many they had to move it to a larger venue — some keep pushing the “Prickett Run” project forward. Why? Consider these ... points:


  • The planning commission made a recommendation to approve the zoning change without any economic impact studies, traffic studies, review of sewer impacts or input from the schools on class size and budget consequences...More


  • The planning commission recently said they could not make a recommendation on a warehouse proposal because they did not have a traffic study, but they did recommend a new overlay district rezoning a host of properties — without any traffic study. What makes this different?


  • What will prevent all of the properties along Stony Hill from getting this new zoning creating another Route 1 with Walmart, Target, Costco, traffic and new apartments as far as the eye can see? More


  • The supervisors have ignored impacts on local businesses but it’s a real factor. More


  • Could they support it for tax revenue? Where is the economic study that quantifies costs and impacts on our families? More


There is no doubt that this land will be redeveloped but we do not have to bend over backwards to accommodate zoning changes, overlay districts and special exceptions to allow developers to destroy the character of our community.



- Dobby Dobson, a resident of Lower Makefield.