Welcome to the April 24, 2023, Meet Mack Monday Zoom meeting! I am John Mack, your host and a Newtown Supervisor. Each month I host a Meet Mack Monday Zoom meeting to inform residents of items that are of interest to them and to get feedback and comments from them. This helps me keep better informed of residents’ concerns when voting on important issues at supervisor meetings.

This short 14-minute presentation focuses on the following topics:

* Single-Use Plastics Ban – What McCaffery’s Market had to say about it at April 3, 2023 EAC meeting. Some survey results will be presented.
* Business Commons Overlay – Specifications for “Mixed” Residential/Business use presented to Newtown Planning Commission by Bucks County Planning Commission
* PFAS In Our Drinking Water: EPA is proposing drastically lower safe limits. How do these limits compare with measured amounts in our water?
* Lower Dolington Road Trail Fiasco: Residents are disappointed in the progress or lack thereof.
* LED Streetlights Feasibility Study
* New Plan to Fix Villas of Newtown Detention Basin – Another project that has been plagued by delays. Bids accepted for new solution. Will It Work?
* Tractor Trailer Trucks Parked on Lower Dolington Road Are An Eyesore & Hazard – What Can Be Down About It?
* Deluca Construction of 2 single-family houses at 70 Twining Bridge Rd - Seeking relief in connection with a proposed subdivision of a 3.08-acre parcel into 2 lots where the lots will not comply with the dimensional regulations of the CM district. Another potential “historic resource” threatened?
* Wawa Update – Decision by ZHB regarding Amended Challenge to Validity of the JMZO put off to May 4, 2023. Why?
* Blue Point Grill Patio Expansion – The owners are seeking relief to install a 976 sq.ft. patio which will exceed the max. allowable impervious limitation for Newtown Shopping Center. More seating, less accessible parking space?