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Welcome to “The Year 2022 in Images."

There were many unique and interesting issues that I and other Newtown Township supervisors confronted in 2022. This is a selection of images and stories that document what I consider the most important news items and issues of interest to Newtown residents.

Images include the following with links to more information:


  • It Took a Pedestrian Death
  • No Gun Shows in Newtown!
  • Newtown Says NO to Wawa
  • Stand With Ukraine
  • OLI/LI District Overlay Plan
  • Did Anti-DEI Activists Drive Fraser Away from CRSD?
  • 5G Antennas - Are They Safe?
  • Shots Fired!
  • NAS Asks for More AID
  • It's Time For Solar Power!
  • Bucks County Sewer Sale Stymied
  • Lower Dolington Road Trail - The Longest DELAY!
  • Women's Right To Choose
  • Not On My BYpass!
  • Movie Controversy
  • "Historic" Resource Re-Discovered
  • Why Did Charlie Feuer Cross the Road?