African American Museum of Bucks County Breaks Ground in Middletown | Newtown News of Interest |

On the lawn in front of Boone Farm in Middletown on Wednesday morning, years of dedicated work came to fruition as Linda Salley joined government officials in turning over a few ceremonial shovelfuls of dirt for the new African American Museum of Bucks County.


Bucks County officials agreed in 2020 to lease the historic farm to the African American Museum until 2030.


Since its founding in 2014, the museum has been a mobile and virtual entity. Boone farm, one of the most historic properties in the county, is located in Core Creek Park in Middletown and has been in possession of the county for about 50 years.


The groundbreaking ceremony signified the end of one challenge, and the beginning of another, as the museum and its affiliates prepare to begin renovations on the new space that will bring Black history to the public in a permanent space for the first time.


Pat Mervine, whose family has ties to the immediate vicinity, has independently researched the property, and is publishing a book on Boone Farm this year.  


Mervine noted that the history of slavery in Pennsylvania is sometimes overlooked due to the historical predominance of Quakers, who generally supported abolition of slavery by then end of the 18th century.