A “Major” Historic Resource Re-Discovered! | Newtown News of Interest | Scoop.it

On December 14, 2022, Craig Deutsch and Bill Mahler – members of the Newtown Joint Historic Commission (JHC) – visited the property off of Twining Bridge Road that Toll Brothers agreed to donate to the township as part of a settlement agreement to build 45 homes nearby. The goal was to examine the old farmhouse and "springhouse" on the property to determine if the site qualified as an “historic resource” according to JHC standards.


A settlement agreement with the township specified that the structure be demolished by Toll.


Before Toll can demolish the building(s) it must file an application with the Joint Historic Commission, which will examine the property and determine if it qualifies by their standards as an historic site. If so, they will make a recommendation that it NOT be demolished. 


“Understanding the Buck county Comp plan is working on ‘identifying’ Historic Resources... Well we just discovered a major one. :),” said Mr. Deutsch in an email.