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 Discussion on Nextdoor posted on November 9, 2021:


Susan Schechter, Newtown Grant

Hit and Run Car Accident on Sycamore. At approximately 6:00pm, a blue/green SUV vehicle turned out of Silo Drive, onto Sycamore Street, heading in the direction to go North on 532. Unfortunately, this occurred in the same exact area of the latest tragedies. The SUV accelerated very quickly to pull out, and slammed into my Drivers side door, majorly side swiping my car. Then, I had to watch the vehicle just speed away going North on 532. This vehicle will have front right fender damage. Please, if anyone knows anything or possibly saw this this accident or vehicle, please let me know. I would be so helpful. Thank you all.


Rolanda Polans, Roberts Ridge Park

Susan, I passed right by that area tonight about 8:00 with my husband. We were talking about the recent tragic event because we know the man who was hit there. I am wondering if there is a video camera by the light nearby. I am sure you contacted the police. I am really sorry to hear that another incompetent,crazy, wild driver is on the road. I hope you are ok physically! Something needs to be done with the lighting in that area as well as more police monitoring.


Susan Schechter, Newtown Grant

Thank you so very much for reaching out and sincere concern. The Newtown Township Police responded, said that Green Parrot has good cameras, and there is another camera situated near the traffic light. That should have been able to get the vehicle and plate number. It was a nightmare of an experience. Something must be done to help with the immense number of cars, coming and going from that entire area.


Chris Hastings, Upper Makefield PA

What am I missing here? You have a sub “Main St” with retail businesses, parallel parking, and pedestrians crossing the street. Yet, the speed limit is 35 mph?


Can you imagine if Witherspoon St. in Princeton or Delaware Ave in Pennington were 35 mph? In town?


People are nuts pulling out of Silo in Newtown. Most don’t even stop before taking a right or they get so tired of waiting to take a left, they just pull out and hope for the best.


25 mph on Sycamore! If you can’t lose another 30 seconds in life-take the bypass.