Bucks County Establishes Task Force to Help Businesses Reopen Safely | Newtown News of Interest | Scoop.it

Commissioner Bob Harvie, a former teacher who took office in January, has been spearheading the county’s business reopening effort.


Harvie has … been meeting with a task force of local business leaders, labor representatives, and staff of business organizations to discuss ways to get the local economy moving again. The group held their first session virtually last week. Its members include: Danielle Bodnar, of the Upper Bucks Chamber of Commerce; Vail Garvin, of the Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce; Minesh Pathak, of the Lower Bucks Chamber of Commerce; Patrick Kennedy, vice president of Superior Woodcraft; Jon Mercer, of Stacks Small Business Services; Billie Barnes, of Bucks County Workforce Development Board; Tom Tosti, a Middletown Township Supervisor and chair of the AFL-CIO Central Labor Council; Paul Bencivengo, of Visit Bucks County; Steve Wray, chair of the Bucks County Transition sub-committee on Economic Development; Jeane Vidoni, President of Penn Community Bank; Richard Harvey, of the Bucks County Planning Commission and Agricultural Preservation Board; and Margaret McKevitt, the chief operating officer of Bucks County.


Harvie said the committee will have a significant impact in helping businesses dealing with COVID-19 impacts.


Among the tasks being overseen by the county are preparing guidance for businesses that will eventually be reopening to serve customers in person. He said that guidance and information will be useful for businesses looking forward to reopening and keeping staff, customers, and the community safe.


The information offered to businesses by the county will be direct and consistent with best practices, Harvie said.