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About 80 people came out to Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick’s district office in Langhorne on Monday to rally against the recent White House emergency declaration along the southern border.

President Donald Trump’s emergency declaration had about 80 protesters out in the cold Monday in Middletown urging Republican Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick to oppose what they described as a “fake emergency.”

Activists gathered at Fitzpatrick’s 1st District office Newtown-Langhorne Road to rally against Trump’s Feb. 15 proclamation declaring a “security and humanitarian crisis” at the country’s southern border.

Doubts of the emergency declaration’s legality and its legitimacy followed soon after Friday’s announcement, with Monday’s protest a call to action for Fitzpatrick’s office.

“President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency to build his border wall is an unconstitutional attempt to circumvent Congress,” a petition circulated by protest organizers PA Statewide Indivisible states.

The petition asks Fitzpatrick to vote in favor of any resolution enacting the National Emergencies Act of 1976, allowing Congress to end the emergency declaration.

Fitzpatrick, who was not as his office Monday, has been critical of the declaration.

“It sets a bad precedent for the Executive Branch to make such declarations. Legislating must remain in the Legislative Branch,” he said in a statement last week.

Former state House 178th District Rep. Helen Tai and past Democratic candidates for office in Bucks County spoke during the early evening demonstration amid dropping temperatures and chilling wind gusts.

Tai and other speakers said the pressure for opposition from Fitzpatrick and other federal elected officials was necessary to have their voices heard in Washington.

“Please stand up for us and tell all of your fellow representatives that you’re against this and you’re going to vote against Trump doing this,” said Tai, of Solebury.