Will #NewtownPA Township Adopt An Ordinance Banning Single-Use Plastics? | Newtown News of Interest | Scoop.it

The Township's Environmental Advisory Council (EAC) Released A Draft Ordinance That Would Ban Retail Business Use of Single-Use Plastics.

Learn more on April 3, 2023, at a public meeting:


  • The EAC will provide the draft ordinance to businesses prior to the April 3rd meeting.
  • There will be a guest speaker, Faran Savitz from PennEnvironment. He has assisted and advised all the Pennsylvania Municipalities, including Philadelphia and Pittsburg when writing their ordinances. He will be available to answer any questions along with EAC members.
  • There will be an informational sheet provided with Frequently Asked Questions (see below for my own list of FAQs).
  • There will also be an informational board with recent articles from various news organizations and science articles




  • Why is This Ordinance Needed?
  • To Whom Does This Ordinance Apply?
  • How Can Businesses Comply With This Ordinance?
  • Are Any Exemptions Allowed?
  • What Are the Enforcement Measures?