22 May 2023 Meet Mack Monday Zoom Meeting Summary | Newtown News of Interest | Scoop.it

Nine Newtown Twp residents attended this Zoom meeting, which focused on the following topics (view the presentation below...):


  • Video of Opening Presentation
  • Deluca Construction Project – Appeal to Board of Supervisors (BOS): The applicants are seeking to subdivide a 3.08 acre parcel at 70 Twining Bridge Road into two lots for single family homes whereas the CM District permits only one home on 3 acres. Will they succeed in getting the BOS to change its mind and NOT oppose the plan? 
  • Finally! Work Recommences on Lower Dolington Rd Trail!
  • Zoning “Validity Challenges”: Provco/Wawa (Combo Convenience Store/Gas Station in OR District), Kushner RE (245 Unit Apartment Building in OR District)
  • Capital Grille Restaurant and Parking in Shopping Center
  • Speed Limit Enforcement: Newtown-Yardley Rd
  • Single-Hauler Municipal Trash Collection?
  • Detailed Meeting Notes