DVRPC To Count Traffic on Stoopville Rd Between Eagle Rd & Linton Hill Rd in Newtown | Newtown News of Interest |

In the upcoming weeks, the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) will be collecting traffic count data on roads throughout your municipality. These are the locations we will be counting:


Stoopville Rd Bet Eagle Rd & Linton Hill Rd


DVRPC routinely collects travel volume information in the nine counties comprising the Philadelphia metropolitan area.   Counts are typically collected at the request of your state DOT to fulfill Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) program requirements, at the request of the county planning/engineering office, or in support of planning staff evaluating transportation system performance or improvements. This involves DVRPC staff laying a rubber tube across roadway facilities for approximately 48 hours (to gather daily traffic volumes), mounting video cameras, or manually recording traffic from a vehicle parked near an intersection (to gather turning movement information). These efforts will not interfere with normal traffic operations on these facilities.


We invite you to visit the traffic counting section of our website (, where all of our traffic count information is available to the public. You will be offered a choice of viewing a map of all of our traffic count locations or searching counts by county, municipality or road name.