PA DCNR is Inching Closer to Advertising #NewtownPA's Roberts Ridge Park Lawn Conversions Plan for public Bid | Newtown News of Interest |

wIn order to have a rain water drainage system separate from the sewer system, the Township must have a plan to reduce rain water drainage into the streams, which can become polluted when the rain water carries in pollutants.


To do this, the Township came up with a pollution reduction plan to convert some open fields to meadows that will absorb rain water before it can enter the streams. The open fields at Roberts Ridge Park are key components of that plan.


Regarding this plan, the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources  (DCNR) sent this message to the #NewtownPA Township Manager:


"PA DCNR is inching closer to advertising your lawn conversions for public bid."  NOTE: This includes the conversions planned for Roberts Ridge Park (see image). This was a bone of contention among residents who demanded - and eventually got - a change in the plan that would preserve the open field that is often used. For more on that, read "Supervisors Approve REVISED Pollution Reduction Plan."


"The speed bumps have been their own execution of grant funding contracts and legal review of landowner agreements," said DCNR. "I’m told they fully expect work to begin – turfgrass kill – later this summer for a fall seeding. Worst case scenario is preparation and seeding spring 2025."


"So, as the grass starts to grow, please mow. I cringe just a little bit but if you stop mowing, in invites invasive weeds to grow and seed, exactly what we don’t want to happen."


This was discussed at the March 25, 2024, Meet Mack Monday...