Residents in Newtown, Northampton Resisting Planned Expansion of “Monster” Wawa | Newtown News of Interest |

[Excerpted from the May 3, 2022, edition of the Bucks County Courier Times.]


The fate of Wawa’s plans in Newtown Township and Northampton remain to be seen. Newtown Township planners have recommended a denial of the chain’s plan for its Newtown Bypass store [video: “Planning Commission Members Driscoll & Christensen Chastise Wawa”]


Newtown v. Wawa:



In Northampton, the zoning hearing board rejected Wawa’s plans, but the Court of Common Pleas of Bucks County earlier this month sent that decision back for more review.


Holland resident Pam Duffey is blunt when it comes to her assessment of Wawa’s expansion into Northampton and other locations in Bucks County. “Wawa is a monster.”


In Northampton and Newtown Township, neighbors plan to fight Wawa every step of the way. Residents of both townships have begun attending each other’s meetings, presenting a united oppositional front.


“A year ago, we became aware of the Newtown fight and went to their meeting.” Duffey said. They’ve also lent their voices to opposition against a proposed Wawa in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Duffey, her husband and group of residents have begun an online petition. The Stop Wawa Campaign so far has garnered more than 2,800 signatures.


Bradley Cooper, a Newtown Township resident fighting Wawa’s Newtown Bypass plans, said he, too, has an issue with Wawa’s sprawl and the impact it has on local shops.


“I don’t want Wawa in there because it will hurt these mom-and-pop shops,” Cooper said. “The other thing is that Wawa came in and made a big stink about coming into Newtown and how it chose that location because it is prime real estate and (would be) frontfacing and open 24/7.”


“Wawa (goes before the supervisors) knowing they … don’t care that this will bring more traffic, and the road cannot withstand the traffic increase.”


“We need to show Wawa that we’re going to be like a little gnat buzzing around their rear,” Duffey said. “There’s even talk of boycotting and making a ‘Wawa-free Wednesday.’ (event). We need to send Wawa a message.”