Steve Cickay, a Proud Bucks County Democrat, Urges Democrats to Vote on May 15 for Any One of the Three Fine District 1 U.S. Congressional Candidates | Newtown News of Interest |

I’ve been a lifelong Democrat. As with any large organization over a long period of time, there have been ups and downs in my attitude towards my party. But after hearing the three Democratic Congressional Candidates speak in open free public forums across our newly-minted non-gerrymandered Congressional District 1 here in Bucks County, I am again proud of the party that has been the champion of the average American, fighting for economic equality and decent livable wages, affordable education and healthcare for all, and the vision of America that puts people and a healthy environment first over corporate profits.


Scott Wallace, espousing a true populist and progressive agenda of well-paying jobs, affordable healthcare, and environmental responsibility, sports a proud progressive lineage: he is the grandson of FDR’s Vice-President Henry Wallace, a New Dealer who championed policies to help farmers and the urban poor.


Rachel Reddick is a military veteran, an intelligent lawyer, and a young mother, who is fiercely committed to helping our veterans and soldiers as well as championing women’s equality and freedom from sexual and physical abuse. All our 18 Pennsylvania Congresspersons are male; she hopes to break that trend in November and rightly feels it is about time.


Steve Bacher is a local grassroots activists who has devoted his life to public service and founded local environmental organizations. He is committed to the progressive agenda of building an eco-friendly economy that supports both high-paying jobs in green industries and a healthy clean environment for our children. His focus has been, and always will be, on the health and welfare of people, first and foremost.


It will be a difficult decision to choose from among these three candidates on primary day, May 15. Having any of these three in Congress representing the people and values of Bucks County would be a refreshing change.


So please take the time to meet these fine people and vote Democratic in May and November so that our government can start focusing, not on the rich and the powerful, but on the needs of ordinary Americans like you and me.