J. Mcguigan, who resides on High Street in the Newtown Crossing development, informed the #NewtownPA Board of Supervisors that the Mayfield (formerly Arcadia) development project is violating several terms of the 10 February 2022 pre-construction agreement.

The Newtown BOS approved a settlement in 2021 for the developer to build 60 single family detached homes in the $700,000* price range behind the Newtown Reformed Church at Route 532 and the Newtown Bypass. *Now more like $1,000,000!

Specifically, Mr. Mcguigan said that work was being done on Sundays and after 8:00 PM, both of which are prohibited by the agreement. Although work is permitted on Saturday from 7 AM to 8 PM with the PRIOR APPROVAL OF THE MUNICIPALITY, Mr. Mcquigan hoped that some agreement could be reached to start work later in the day on Saturday.

Mr. Mcquigan also contended that the buildings were over 35 feet high in violation of township code.

The Supervisors had no immediate response to Mr. Mcquigan's questions, but agreed to submit them to the Township Manager for answers.