Twitter Verifies #NewtownPA Supervisor John Mack's Account as Authentic & Credible! | Newtown News of Interest |

Twitter’s blue tick, popularly known as the verification badge, is a symbol that shows an account’s authenticity and credibility. However, besides that, there are many useful benefits of having a blue tick on Twitter, including:


  • Edit Tweet: I have a 30-minute window to make changes to my published Tweets
  • Format Text: I can bold and italicize text in my tweets
  • Undo Tweet: Allows me to retract a Tweet after I send it, but before anyone on Twitter can see it.
  • Longer Video Upload: I can now upload videos up to ~60 minutes long and up to 2GB file size (1080p). Wow!
  • Longer Tweets: I can now Tweet up to 10,000 characters.
  • Blue Badge: Of course, I get to have the blue verification badge shown on my account: