#NewtownPA Planning Commission Raises Concerns Over Proposed 120-Unit Apartment Complex | Newtown News of Interest | Scoop.it

Density, building size and traffic continue to be major sticking points with a proposal to redevelop the Corners at Newtown Place at South Sycamore Street and Richboro Road with a 120-unit Parking Core Apartment Building.


The new apartment building, which would be marketed to young professionals and empty nesters, would extend for 300 feet along Sycamore Street [see image above] and would include a vehicle access point to the interior garage.


Representatives from BET Investments, a real estate management and development company owned by Bruce Toll, attended the February planning commission meeting seeking input on architectural renderings for the building, but instead found themselves in a discussion over density and traffic.


Planning chair Peggy Driscoll continued to voice concerns at the meeting about the density of the project, traffic impact, the size of the proposed structure and the challenge the developer will face in securing approvals from all three townships for its ordinance.


“160 was unreal. 120 is still too much,” said Driscoll. “I think 60 apartments would work. It can be a beautiful thing. You can build something nice. It’s just too big. It’s just too much what you want to do.”


[UPDATE (3 June 2024): The plan has been modified. It now is for 100 apartments.]


“We feel the property has the size to support this without looking overburdened,” Markman told the planners. “Right now the site is full of single story buildings that are spread out and antiquated. They are very hard to lease. They are not the kind of property people want to rent today.”