Your Sewer Rates Are Going Up; Director Of #NewtownPA Sewer Authority Explains Why | Newtown News of Interest |

Customers of the Newtown Bucks County Joint Municipal Authority (NBCJMA) will be paying 20 percent more this year to flush their toilets.


In addressing the Newtown Township Board of Supervisors, executive director Warren Gormley said the authority is passing along to its customers a 16.6 percent rate increase by Bucks County Water & Sewer (BCWSA) to pay for an upgrade to its Neshaminy Interceptor, the main trunk line that carries flows from Bucks to the treatment center in Philadelphia.


That increase is the first of a planned three phase rate increase being passed along by BCWSA to the 13 municipalities that use the interceptor.


Supervisor John Mack asked Gormley, “We opposed the sale of Bucks County to Aqua because you told us the rates would increase significantly. Did we make a mistake in doing that?”


Gormley said there would have been an increase either way, but projections were that the increase would have been much greater if Aqua had purchased the system.


Listen to Mr. Gormley’s comments regarding the rate increase…