Middletown Township Moves Forward Helping Businesses Get Back to Normal After the #COVID19 Shutdown. Meanwhile, Newtown Moves Forward Too, But Much More Slowly. | Newtown News of Interest | Scoop.it

Leading up to the county moving from the “red” phase to the less-restrictive “yellow” phase last week, the township and the 13-person Middletown Township Economic Reopening Task Force (read "To Reopen Local Businesses, Townships Must Develop Guidelines to Ensure Citizens are Safe. CASE STUDY: Middletown & Sesame Place") prepared information for local businesses, which employ many residents, drive the area’s economy, and keep goods moving.


The township has produced signage packages that businesses can pick up at no cost to businesses. The package includes “Open For Business” displays, social distancing floor decals, and seven separate designs that businesses can reproduce.


“When the task force was thinking of how we can best provide direct relief to local businesses, this idea made complete sense,” said Board of Supervisors Chairperson Mike Ksiazek. “A small business that has been closed for three months can’t as easily afford signage, which has become a critical need for any business.”


Stephanie Teoli Kuhls, Middletown’s township manager, said during a task force meeting last week that the Board of Supervisors have agreed to waive permit fees to tenting relating to outdoor dining in the community.


“We’re trying to take away all the red tape,” she said.