Le chantier naval Zenit construit de nouveaux patrouilleurs pour les garde-côtes et la Marine du Kazakhstan | Newsletter navale | Scoop.it

Key Points

  • Shipyard to launch fifth Project 0300 Bars-class patrol vessel for the coastguard in April 2016.
  • Build work to start on a new navy Project 250 missile patrol boat in 2015.

Kazakhstan's Zenit Uralsk Shipyard is planning to launch a fifth Project 0300 Bars-class patrol vessel for the Kazakh coastguard service in April 2016.

The yard also will start work on a fourth Project 250 Kazakhstan (or Bars-MO)-class missile patrol boat for the country's navy, following a recent order from the Kazakh Defence Ministry. The construction of this ship is expected to take two years.

News of these developments was revealed on 16 February on the website of national defence company Kazakhstan Engineering, with the website citing local media reports.

Based on the Russian Project 22180 fast supply vessel design, the Project 0300 ships in service with Kazakhstan's coastguard - known formally as the Maritime Border Guard Service of the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan - are 41.75 m long, 7.8 m in beam, and have a draft of 2.5 m. They displace around 218 tonnes. Two MTU 16V4000 M71 series engines driving through ZF 7550A gearboxes provide a top speed of around 30 kt. Range is 1,200 n miles and endurance is 10 days. The ships' complement is 23. Armament typically comprises a 2M-3M gun mount with twin 14.5 mm machine guns, as well as 12.7 mm heavy machine guns.

The Project 250 patrol vessel for the Kazakh Navy is a further evolution of the Project 300 design with broadly similar hull specifications, although the 230-tonne full-load ships are slightly longer at 42.2 m and heavily armed in comparison to the coastguard ships. They are likely to be fitted with a Ukrainian combat system comprising the Kaskad-250 command-and-control system; an AK-306 gun controlled by a Sens-2-250 electro-optic device; the Arbalet-K system with four SA-N-10 Igla anti-aircraft missiles; a Baryer-VK launcher with four RK-2V anti-tank missiles; a Delta-250 2-D I-band air-/surface-search radar; and a Furuno navigational radar.

Meanwhile, Zenit is executing a major refit and modernisation of a coastguard 14 m Project 100M Sunkar-class patrol craft that entered service 11 years ago. The patrol craft in question is understood to be pennant number 503.