Mise à l'eau du 1er patouilleur océanique russe "Ocean" (Projet 22100) pour la force de garde-côtes | Newsletter navale | Scoop.it

On May 21st 2014, Zelenodolsk Plant named after A.M. Gorky (incorporated by the JSC „Ak Bars“ Holding Company») officially the first ship of Project 22100 class named "Ocean". The customer is the border guard units of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB, successor of the KGB). Development work of a new patrol ship began in 2009 by order of the FSB border guards, but the actual design and development work on the project 22100 began in 2011.

The main missions of "Ocean" will be:
- patrolling and guarding Russian maritime boundary
- ensuring the economic interests of the Russian Federation to the sea
- control of the EEZ and the
- fishing police
- search and rescue operations in distress ships, boats, submarines and aircraft
- fire fighting
Apart from this, this new class of vessel will be involved in ensuring actions of special forces of the FSB of Russia in the fight against terrorism and piracy, combating smuggling, drug trafficking, illegal migration.

Ship of the "Ocean" class will have a displacement of 2700 tons. According to the shipyard, the ship is multifunctional , has a high combat capability and is able to participate in full-scale rescue operations.
Basic specifications:
Displacement - 2700 tons
Speed - 20 knots
Ice breaking capabilities
Range - up to 12 thousand miles
Endurance - 60 days at sea
The chief designer explained that this ship is a dedicated project, not alteration of ship designs for the Navy, as was done previously for other departments.
The main customer — the FSB Border Service — reportedly requested German marine engines to be fitted onboard the class.