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Le nouveau bateau-mère russe "Igor Belousov" du système de sauvetage de sous-marins débute ses essais à la mer

Le nouveau bateau-mère russe "Igor Belousov" du système de sauvetage de sous-marins débute ses essais à la mer | Newsletter navale |

Savlage ship "Igor Belousov" yesterday December 25 set out to sea on the shipbuilder's next phase sea trials. The vessel will be undergoing trials until December 31, 2014, the Russian Ministry of Defense said Thursday.
During the sea trials a team of the shipbuilding company and the ship's crew (Admiralty Shipyards) will be testing navigation system of the vessel, including that of the radio navigation station and echo sounders, systems that provide vital functions for the ship and tested power plant operations in the different modes.
The next stage of the shipbuilder's sea trials will be carried out January 23 to February 8, 2015.
The sea-going salvage, SAR vessel "Igor Belousov" was built for the Russian Navy at Admiralty Shipyards and was designed to carry out rescue of the crews from stricken submarines submerged on the surface, to supply the stricken vessels with the air, electricity and life-saving equipment.
The vessel features capabilities to conduct search and examination of stricken vessels or facilities in a given area, also as part of the international maritime rescue units.

Key characteristics: DWL length - 97.8 m, BWL - 17.2 m, depth amidships - 10.6 m, displacement – 5,037 tonnes. Seaworthiness: safety at sea - unlimited, while lowering / hoisting of a DSRV - sea swells of No 3 to 4, of a diving bell - No 5, maximum speed - 15 knots, economic speed cruising range - 3500 nm, complement - 96, accommodations for rescued people - 120 (60 - in pressure chambers).

Admiralty Shipyards (Admiralteysky Verfy) is the oldest Russian shipbuilder, founded back in 1704. Admiralty Shipyards specializes in design, construction and upgrade of civil vessels and warships for the Russian Navy. As of today, the Company has built more than 300 submarines (including 41 nuclear-powered subs) and 68 deep submergence vehicles and ROVs.

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Sa mise en service a été retardée à 2015 :

Il portera le DSRV russe Bester-1 :

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Scooped by Patrick H.!

La mise en service du "Igor Belousov", bateau-mère du système russe de sauvetage de sous-marins, retardée à 2015

La mise en service du "Igor Belousov", bateau-mère du système russe de sauvetage de sous-marins, retardée à 2015 | Newsletter navale |
MOSCOW, November 17. / TASS /. Ocean rescue vessel "Igor Belousov," under construction in St. Petersburg for the Navy of Russia, will be transferred to seamen not this year, as planned, and the next. Told TASS informed source in the military-industrial complex.
"This year," Belousov "will be released in the sea and begin the test. However, this vessel has a specific character - there stands a unique deep-diving complex / GVK /. His experience will be next year. Accordingly, and delivery of the vessel fleet consists in 2015." - said the agency interlocutor.

He noted that from the point of view of the construction of the ship issues to developers and shipbuilders not, training professionals to work with deep complex and its tests require a lot of effort and some more time.

"The entire scope of work specified, all shipments, regardless of sanctions have already been made. By" Admiralty Shipyards "in general there is no question, they reaffirmed their professionalism. Working with complex does not tolerate haste. We must prepare specialists, including, in Navy test GVK. This will complete next year. This position is shared by the leadership of the Navy and the Ministry of Defence, "- said the source.

He said that this year in the Baltic Sea will begin testing of systems and devices "Igor Belousov," communication and navigation systems, and power plants. "Deep-sea trials rescue complex" Belousov "must be carried out at the sites of the Northern Fleet, the Baltic for this is smaller than it," - he added.

"Igor Belousov" was laid on the project 21300 in late 2005, it was launched in October 2012. The vessel is designed for emergency rescue crews of submarines, and air supply, electricity and rescue equipment on submarines and surface ships. "Belousov" can search and inspect emergency facilities, including as a part of international missions.

The vessel is equipped with a deep-diving complex GVK-450 from the British company "Dayveks" and rescue apparatus "Bester-1" of the Nizhny Novgorod CDB "Lapis".

Displacement "Igor Belousov" - about 5000 tons, it is capable of a speed of 15 knots, and the range of his voyage reaches 3500 miles.

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