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Scooped by Patrick H.!

Belle vidéo de présentation des patrouilleurs ultra-rapides russes "Raptor" (Projet 03160)

На военно-морской базе Черноморского Флота в г. Новороссийск государственная приемная комиссия произвела приемку патрульных катеров проекта 03160, стр. №№ 70...
Patrick H. 's insight:

9 exemplaires de Raptor  seront livrés à la Marine russe d'ici fin 2015.

Voir les caractéristiques ici :

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Scooped by Patrick H.!

Russie : mise à l'eau pour essais du 1er patrouilleur ultra-rapide "Raptor" (Projet 03160)

Russie : mise à l'eau pour essais du 1er patrouilleur ultra-rapide "Raptor" (Projet 03160) | Newsletter navale |

Before the end of this year it is planned to deliver 4 boats of this project to the State Customer – RF Navy.
The boat is intended to perform the following operations at day-time and at night:

  • the transportation of group of at least 20 persons providing the highest possible embarkation and debarkation;
  • duties in assigned areas;
  • intercept and arrest of small targets;
  • rescue of people in areas of duty.

Navigation area – coastal areas, straits, estuaries standing off a place of shelter within 100 miles.

The main dimensions:
Length max, mab. 17
Width max, mab. 4,0
Fixed height, mab. 3,5
Depth, mab. 0,9
Crew2 persons
Special staff22 persons
Speedabout 50 knots
Total power2000 h.p.

Armored protection - Armored panels of "5" and "5а" classes of bullet proof capacity Windows having 39 mm bullet proof glass

Military equipment Remote-operated complex with gyrostabilizer optical-electronic module

  • Caliber - 14,5 m;
  • Range of target detection - 3000 m
  • Rifle range - 2000 m
  • 2 off machine rifle of model 6P41 “Pecheneg” having 7.62 mm cali
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