La Marine gabonaise va s'équiper d'affûts manuels 15A et de canons téléopérés NARWHAL de NEXTER | Newsletter navale |

The Gabonese Republic has chosen Nexter Systems to equip its four RaidCo RPB20 express-cruiser patrol boats with the 15A naval mounts, and its future ocean-going patrol boat, ordered on 29 October 2014 from the PIRIOU shipyard, with the 20mm NARWHAL® remote-controlled naval gun. These weapon systems, based on the 20 M 621 cannon, will enable the Gabonese navy to effectively combat piracy and will contribute to the protection of Gabonese national waters.

NARWHAL20 is a fully stabilized remotely controlled naval weapon station. It is the fruit of Nexter Systems innovation and expertise in medium caliber cannons, gun mounts and turrets for both fixed and rotor wing aircraft as well as for naval vessels. NARWHAL20 combines the 20mm impressive firepower and advanced electro-optical day/night sensors and is ideally suited for maritime surveillance, law enforcement and sea police interception missions for countering and neutralizing evolving threats.

According to Nexter, NARWHAL20 is the most advanced 20mm naval weapon station on the market today. Selected by the French Navy in late 2011, already integrated on Normandie Frigate by DCNS, NARWHAL20 ensures the close-in self-defense of the French FREMM Frigates. Great interest for NARWHAL20 is growing on Export markets. NARWHAL20A or NARWHAL20B, selected by End users depending on their ammunition standard (20x102mm or 20x139mm) meets the exact needs of naval Forces and is the response for countering both conventional and asymmetric threats. More than 35 units are currently in production.

At Euronaval 2014 exhibition, the Gabonese Republic signed a contract with PIRIOU for two offshore patrol vessels including an OPV50.

Offshore patrol vessel OPV50 is a versatile 58-metre ship developed by KERSHIP to undertake various missions related to State Action at Sea. OPV50's major innovations and features include very versatile design that facilitates reorganization to suit the mission; large bridge with 360° view; rapid deployment/retrieval ramp for 2 launches (7 m RHIBs); range of 5,000 nautical miles and excellent sea-keeping qualities.