Indodefence 2014: DSME dévoile quelques détails sur son projet de destroyer KDDX pour la Marine sud-coréenne | Newsletter navale |

Key Points

  • DSME has revealed details of the proposed weapons fit for South Korea's KDDX destroyer programme
  • The proposed platform could potentially launch a new variant of South Korea's Haeseong anti-ship missile

Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) revealed further details of its proposal for the Republic of Korea Navy's (RoKN's) KDDX destroyer programme at the Indodefence 2014 exhibition in Jakarta.

The platform, known as the DSME 8000, is being touted as a cost-effective solution to the RoKN's search for a class that can fill the gap between the KDX-2 destroyers and the larger KDX-III Aegis ships.

"Think of the DSME 8000 as a cheaper version of the Aegis ships, but with almost all of the class's functionalities", said Jae Do Na, an assistant engineer from DSME's naval and special ship design team.

Source Navy Recognition :


Based on the model (and confirmed by two DSME representatives at Indo Defence), the KDDX will be fitted with 16x SSM-700K Haeseong (C-Star) Anti-ship Missile launchers, 48x vertical launch systems at the bow (MK41 from Lockheed Martin or some Korean VLS under development by Doosan) for surface to air missiles, 16x larger K-VLS back aft. This could not be confirmed at Indo Defence, but Navy Recognition believes these larger K-VLS will be used to store and launch LIG Nex1's Hyunmoo-3C land attack cruise missiles with a range of about 1,500 km. There are speculations in South Korea that there will also be an anti-ship version of the Hyunmoo missile. A Phalanx CIWS is fitted on top of the dual helicopter hangar.

For anti-submarine warfare, the class is expected to be fitted with bow and towed array sonars, and with torpedo launcher as well as K-ASROC (for Anti-Submarine ROCket).

KDDX will be fitted with Lockheed Martin's AEGIS SPY-1 radar or some equivalent, possibly a similar AESA phased array radar from Samsung-Thales, on an integrated mast to reduce radar cross section.
KDDX will have a crew of about 180 sailors. We were told the propulsion system will be CODAG (Combined Diesel and Gas) but that many of the subsystems and peripheral equipment will be selected at a much later date.

Displacement of the class is set to be about 8,000 tons, length 155 meters, breadth 18.8 meters and draft 9.5 meters.