EURONAVAL 2014 : Thales présente son nouveau mât intégré I-Mast 500 avec le radar à balayage électronique actif APAR | Newsletter navale |

In a tentative to combine its different existing products, Thales proposes its new integrated mast I-MAST 500. I-Mast 500 integrates a I-Mast 400, already installed on Dutch OPV Holland class, and an APAR Active Phased Array Radar. Thales I-Mast 500 offers all the necessary capacities needed by modern ships.

With the growing number of electronic systems that must be installed on ships today (Radar, communication, ISR, guidance systems, etc...) arises the problem of electronic interferences. Thales find a solution at this problem by gathering the different systems in an unique integrated mast. The two gathered main systems are the I-Mast 400 and the APAR radar.

The I-Mast 400 was already an integrated naval sensor & communications suite packed into an advanced mast structure. By resolving the electromagnetic conflicts and line-of-sight obstructions inherent in traditional topside arrangements, it provides remarkable advantages in terms of operational performance and shipbuilding risk. Being built and tested in parallel with the construction of the ship, the IM400 solution reduces risk and time for the entire ship-building program.

APAR is the world’s first naval AESA radar providing at hemispheric coverage out to 150 km. This system is capable of searching, tracking and supporting many ESSM and SM-2 engagements simultaneously, using the ICWI guidance mode. Any type of AAW engagement, including super-sonic high-divers, super-sonic sea skimmers and stealth targets is supported. APAR has proven its system performance in more than 40 live firings. APAR is already installed on Dutch De Zeven Provinciën, German F124 Sachsen and Danish Ivar Huitfeldt class frigates.

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