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Navantia débute la construction des 2 nouveaux patrouilleurs hauturiers BAM pour la Marine espagnole

Navantia débute la construction des 2 nouveaux patrouilleurs hauturiers BAM pour la Marine espagnole | Newsletter navale |

( Madrid - Navantia today started the work program of the two new ships Maritime Action for the Ministry of Defence and the Spanish Armada by cutting the first steel simultaneously shipyards in the Bay of Cadiz and Ria Ferrol .

At 13 hours Navantia president, José Manuel Revuelta , attended the Ministry of Defence to the signing ceremony of the order of execution of the two BAM with the CEO of Ordnance , Major General Juan Manuel García Montaño . Minutes after the company started simultaneously in Ferrol and Cadiz sheet cutting each of the two BAM responsible for the Navy.

This Executive Order is a return to military construction after more than eight years since this occurred in July 2006 with the manufacture of the frigate F-105 and the four BAM in the first series. The program director of these vessels in Navantia, Jaime Vidal , remember that supposed "after many years, a return to shipbuilding for the Spanish Armada and certainly gives the company a significant workload".

2.2 million working hours

Work started today on ships involves cutting the first steel block 3011, corresponding to the keel and weighing 67 tons.

The two vessels are part of the extension of the first series of BAM. An operating time will join the four ships of this existing model from 2018. The ships incorporate all measures regarding environmental MARPOL regulations, as new propulsion engines, auxiliary and emergency and ART treatment plant wastewater.

They will also have improvements aimed at weight reduction, new equipment obsolescence derivatives, fitness for a greater allocation and implementation of the updated information on prevention and operational safety regulations.

This contract has a value of 333.48 million euros and represents 2.2 million working hours for both own staff and for the auxiliary industry.

It is, according to its builder, a ship of moderate size, high performance, versatility in terms of missions, high level of commonality with other Navy ships and an acquisition cost and reduced cycle life.

The main tasks for which they have been designed include the protection and escort of other ships, maritime traffic control, control and neutralization of terrorist and piracy operations against drug trafficking and human trafficking, rescue missions and Salvage, support for crisis situations and humanitarian aid, control of fisheries legislation and control of environmental legislation and anti-pollution.

The program manager at Navantia stresses that the construction of the two new vessels "management system applying Lean ". By "this management system, will take virtually all engineering development at first, thanks to it after construction is done in shorter deadlines."

Vidal clarifies that those responsible for the construction "will each shipyard, but the management team only program for the construction of the two vessels give uniformity to the realization of both. The organization of engineering in the company allows a single design the two vessels and homogenization of procedures and processes allow the construction is done with the same standards. "

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Le gouvernement espagnol commande à Navantia 2 nouveaux bâtiments type BAM

Le gouvernement espagnol commande à Navantia 2 nouveaux bâtiments type BAM | Newsletter navale |

( Madrid - doubts were cleared. There will be two Maritime Action Ship. The request that the Minister of Finance , Cristobal Montoro , announced on 19 February that Navantia maintain his workload awaiting new orders, will cost 400 million euros and will give 2.2 million hours of work during two and a half years to shipyards in Ferrol , in Galicia , and San Fernando-Puerto Real in Cádiz .

The announcement was made today the president of the State Industrial Holdings Company ( SEPI ), Ramón Aguirre , who this morning Galicia has met with President of the Xunta , Alberto Nunez Feijoo , with the Minister of Industries , Count Francisco , and the mayor of Ferrol , José Manuel Rey Varela .

Aguirre explained that with this commission from the Ministry of Defence procurement is recovered by the Navy and the continuity of the BAM program started in July 2006 and already has four built in the first phase ensures vessels.

That of BAM was the choice had been the most likely after the Secretary of State for Defence , Pedro Argüelles , when asked by the then undefined custom Navantia, remembered last week repeated request of the ministry of more vessels of this kind .

The choice of two BAM was also until this morning, before jumping the news, the one chosen by most readers in recent days have responded to a survey on what the Government should commission ship to arrive while Navantia other orders .

Had also handled the possibility that the government take charge of a new amphibious LHD as Juan Carlos I , another Combat Supply Ship ( BAC ), as Cantabria , or even the sixth frigate F100 .

The information provided by this custom Navantia notes that in the construction of these two ships equipment and systems will integrate other national subcontractors. Hiring bring an important workload Navantia short term and contribute positively to improve the financial position of the company. Similarly, the impact of this order will be extended to the auxiliary industry and Navantia to said system and equipment suppliers, causing a direct effect on employment of the various affected communities.

2,490 tons and 93.9 meters

The primary mission of these ships will be controlling the Exclusive Maritime Zone ( EEZ ) and protection against asymmetric threats and conventional small entity. Other missions will be monitoring, salvage, or pollution and smuggling.

These vessels have a maximum displacement of 2,490 tons and a range of between 3,500 and 8,700 miles, and can reach a top speed of 20.5 knots. Staffing can range from 35 people who may eventually add another 80 shipped.

They also have sufficient capacity to operate an airborne helicopter and all within a length of 93.9 meters and a maximum width of 14.2 meters.

Among the particular characteristics of this type of vessel stresses that have a bow thruster, stabilizer fins and liabilities tanks as well as a high degree of automation and mass pollution.

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Le gouvernement espagnol autorise 376 millions d'euros pour la construction de 2 BAM et la refonte du sous-marin Tramontana

Le gouvernement espagnol autorise 376 millions d'euros pour la construction de 2 BAM et la refonte du sous-marin Tramontana | Newsletter navale |

( Madrid - The Council of Ministers has given the green light to two agreements through which the ministries of Defense and Industry will invest a total of 376 million euros in the construction of two new Maritime Action Ship (BAM ) and in the embodiment of the hull of the submarine large Tramontana S-72 .

The two agreements, which will directly benefit the Navy involve workload for Andalusian and Galician shipyards of the state company Navantia and ensure work for at least six years.

In the press conference after the Council of Ministers , the Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria , said that they have articulated two specific agreements to allow these contracts, the first major receiving Armada Spanish since 2006, when the crisis began economical.

BAM 333 million

On the one hand, explained that they have amended certain limits so that they can acquire spending commitments from other exercises. This enables the Ministry of Industry to sign a cooperation agreement with Navantia to develop the program of Maritime Action Ship or BAM, to be made in the shipyards of San Fernando (Cádiz) and Ferrol (La Coruña).

This program has a budget of 333 million in six years.

This recruitment, stressed the vice president, is a major burden for Navantia and job creation that will extend the auxiliary industry.

42.9 million for the Tramontana

Moreover, the government approved another agreement that allows the Defense Ministry to carry out the great hull of the submarine Tramontana (S-74), another demand that had the Armada to the delays the program S-80.

Saenz de Santamaria said that the agreement reached 42.9 million in four annual installments and will allow the Navy to maintain two operating units, to extend the operational life of the Tramontana until at least 2019.

According to business forecasts, the great hull involve about half a million working hours (18 months) that primarily benefit the shipyards Navantia has in Cartagena . Initially, it was estimated that this would cost review of submersible about 30 million euros.

The S-74 was immobilized for a while now, so the Navy has only two operational submarines: the Galerna S-71 and S-73 Mistral . The first complete its operational life in 2016, so that from that date, only continue in service Mistral .

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Espagne : le MinDef rappelle le besoin pour sa Marine de disposer de nouveaux navires type BAM

Espagne : le MinDef rappelle le besoin pour sa Marine de disposer de nouveaux navires type BAM | Newsletter navale |


( Madrid - "The Ministry of Defence has spent years asking that their allocation of patrol vessels to expand and at this moment of Finance recognizes that economic conditions in Spain are becoming something less serious, contemplating to occur the recruitment of new vessels, "said the Secretary of State for Defence ( SEDEF ), Pedro Argüelles , when asked about the announcement made by the Minister of Hacienda , Cristóbal Montoro , that the Government will commission a ship to Navantia . "We welcome this as good news because it is an operational demand Armada Spanish, "he added.

Thus, the option gains the whole BAM (seagoing action, conceived mainly as patrol boat) as an object of possible request.

Argüelles was speaking at Malaga , where he inaugurated on Tuesday the Plenary Session of the Sixteenth Meeting of Presidents of the Club Malaga Valley , which has focused this time on Defence, Security and Technology .

Number two Ministry also stressed the need for Navantia aspire to not have "a single client," referring to Defense, but "we have to make to be competitive and to maintain so far as relevant participation in international markets" , as quoted by Europa Press .

In this context, he added, "we need to keep up their technology and production efficiency and design new ship capacity." For this purpose the finance minister, Cristobal Montoro, announced on 19 February that the Government will appoint a new military Navantia ship awaiting new orders .

Since then it has been speculated with various options, met this announcement that Industry sources have indicated that there was no concrete plan before the words of Montoro. In mid-April it emerged that the Treasury ran a total amount of between 300 million and 350 million euros for an order that could be either a new amphibious helicopter carriers ( LHD ), as Juan Carlos I , or two new BAM .

Besides the possible commercialization of the new order in the foreign market arises and that, not only achieve this goal would join the fleet of the Spanish Armada.

Argüelles recalled Tuesday that his department "Navantia is part of the industrial sectors considered strategic defense" and that the "capacity of shipyards in technology and capacity competitiveness are essential for the Ministry of Defense."

To take forward the request again possible, the Ministry of Finance provides the necessary appropriations to enable and Industry, through its budget and Chapter VIII, would make possible the realization of this initiative.

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